When you think of Osaka, a city that never tires of trade in all its forms comes to mind.

The shopping arcades of Osaka number 300

populated by more than 11,000 individual storefronts.

Each one has its own unique personality, from the longest shopping arcade in Japan, Tenjibashi-suji Shopping arcade, to the shockingly cheap prices of the Senbashyahsi shopping arcade, and Douguya-suji shopping arcade, which boasts a selection of almost every food related item you could ever want. You’ll won’t want to miss stopping by at least one of them while you’re sightseeing in Osaka.

Osaka shopping Arcade

The Osaka Confederation of Shopping Arcade Councils

The Osaka Confederation of Shopping Arcade Councils

The Osaka Confederation of Shopping Arcade Councils was founded in order to promote the economy and the stability of Osakans’ consumer lifestyles. In February of 1946 (Showa 21), the order in people’s lives was devastated following the end of the war. Because of this, shopping arcades in Osaka city stepped forward, forming the core of a movement which believed in restoring order and stability to the hearts of the city’s residents. Successive generations of the Confederation’s officers and members have worked together on modernization and environmental maintenance initiatives, with the result that the shopping arcades of Osaka now number 300, and are populated by more than 11,000 individual storefronts. The Confederation itself is a contender for first or second place among organizations, nationwide.


Many of the shopping arcades in Osaka host elaborate events.
Whether it’s a karaoke tournament, an Ennichi (a day with a special relation to a deity), or a lottery with colored balls deciding the winner, there’s an amazing variety of events! Come and bask in the lively atmosphere of a shopping arcade, have fun with an event, and see the wonderful charm Osaka has to offer!



Between September and December, various shopping arcades dream up and host a variety of events. In the past, the events they’ve thrown have included stamp rallies where participants go from one shop to another, costume parties during the Halloween season, and more!

Duration Between September and December
Venue Each shopping street in Osaka city
Official website http://osaka-nigiwai.com/

Past Events

Past Events

At Osaka’s Tsuruhashi-Ichiba shopping arcade, they held a wonderful event where customers received a gacha-pon ticket with every 1000 yen purchase, earing prizes and gift certificates in a drawing. They’ve also held events where people could win prizes like kani-jiru (crab soup) and mikan (mandarin oranges) for free. At the Mikuni-Shinmichi shopping arcade, during an event called the Mikuni Marche, various shops lend their free space and counter areas to selling handmade magazines and sweets, holding craft workshops, hosing live shows by local musicians, and much more over the course of this well-planned event. Take a look at the calendar while you’re in Osaka, and stop by if you have the chance!



We discover and recognize shops with a wide variety of one-of-a-kind personality. To make sure that these shops that stand out based on their unique charm are judged based on those characteristics, our evaluation process is open to the consumers.


In the Osaka Akinai Grand Prix, winners are chosen from among the participating shops based on four categories.


Grand prizes have been awarded to many of the 11,000 shops throughout the generations.



Kintetsu Uemoto Town Station Namono Commerce Association


In order to bring you delicious coffee known for its freshness, they painstakingly roast all of their beans themselves. They use organic sugar and rice grown with natural farming methods, carefully selecting each individual ingredient with an eye towards food safety.




Abeno Ward Federation of Commerce Associations


They’re a small shop, so they have a small selection, but by preparing a rotating weekly menu of baked sweets, drinks and sandwiches, they’ve made even weekly customers can always have a great time stopping in.



Kuroshima photo studio, Inc.

Momodani station front shopping street Ikeno ku

Kuroshima photo studio, Inc.

This shop has a very clear concept, limiting customers to five photosets per day. You can really trust their natural-feeling customer service and personality. The open way they converse with you leaves a great impression, and makes you feel at ease. It’s an exclusive sort of service that really stands apart from standard photo shops.


akinaigp 実際に行ってみて



When talking about giving discounts in Kansai-ben, try saying “Makeru” instead of “Nebiki wo suru.” You may as well learn a bit of Kansai-ben while shopping in Kansai, after all!♪ Your chats with the shopkeepers will definitely be a lot livelier, and you’ll enjoy your shopping trip even more!

What does it mean when people say, “Doushite?” This is a phrase you hear often from the tsukkomi (straight man) in a Japanese manzai comedy routine. The trick is putting the right amount of oomph into your delivery!
Try using it when you want a discount. You can use it to get someone to lower a price, or to throw in a little something extra, but remember not to overdo it!
What does “Arigato” mean? In Kansai-ben, it’s for more than just ‘thank you,’ and people use it as a catch-all sort of phrase. This one simple word will make all of your human interactions flow smoothly!★
Many shopkeepers will use this instead of ‘hello’! Especially in the shopping arcades, you can often greet people in shops with a ‘maido!’
Sellers will often say to each other, “Mokatte imasu ka?” (Making any money?) when asking after the other’s business.


From Kansai International Airport


From Osaka International Airport


Osaka wide area MAP


Within the city and prefecture of Osaka, there are approximately 4,000 locations where you can access Osaka Free Wi-Fi, a free public Wi-Fi service.